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"Who Else Wants Instant Access To a Completely Foolproof Step-by-Step Niche Blogging BluePrint That's So Powerful Even a 50 Year Old, Computer Illiterate Grandmother Was Able to Take It, Follow Exactly What It Said and Build Her Own Hugely Profitable Niche Blogging Empire!"

Discover How a Young Mother of 4 and Total Internet "Newbie" 
Quickly Built Herself a $5,000+ Per Month Passive 
Online Income From Blogging
 AND Then Taught The SAME System 
To Dozens of Others Who Then TOO Quickly Experienced 
Astounding Success... Including Her 50 Year Old Mother... Who Before Learning Her Amazing 'System' Could Barely Use Her Own Computer!

From: The Desk of Amy Bass

Dear Friend,

Are you tired of the endless hype about making money on the Internet?

Are you fed up with all the images of big mansions, huge yachts and shiny sports cars that are constantly paraded in front of your eyes?

Have you had enough of being told that to succeed online you must keep on buying $2,000.00 courses to 'stay ahead of the game' only to be told a month later you must buy yet another course sold by his 'buddy' for an equally ridiculous fee?

If you answer to the above 3 questions is "Yes" and you'd like to find an honest system that works, is good fun, pays all your bills, lets you work from home and spend more time with your family, then this will be the most important letter you will ever read!

Here is why:

My name is Amy Bass and I am a stay at home mom with 4 young kids.

When I first got onto the internet my goal was to find a way to make extra money so that I could help pay off some of my family's debt.

In the beginning I was a total Newbie and had no big advantages compared with most ordinary people.

For example:
  •  I don't have a College Degree...
  •  I don't have any formal training...
  • I'm not an Internet Marketing Millionaire 'Guru' who talks from the stage at Seminars...
However, I'm proud to say that since May 2007...

I've Built My Own Online Passive Blogging Income To Consistently Over $5,000 a Month!!!

Yes, that's over $60,000 per year in passive income just for creating blogs!

This has been an incredible blessing in and of itself and has provided a lot of much needed financial security and comfort for me and my family, however, the best thing about it is... not only have I myself become successful, but I've also been able to teach it others and help them succeed too!
  Melinda S.I started blogging about 6 months before joining The Niche Blogger. After signing up my Adsense earnings quadrupled my first month and the earnings keep increasing!
I really love Amy's instructional videos and her involvement with the members. The greatest thing is that you can do NOTHING BUT SUCCEED if you complete each step. She lays it all out for you! - Melinda S.
You see... my system for making easy profits online works for anyone who applies the step-by-step instructions and proven blueprints I provide.

This is a LOT more than can be said of many of the high priced, mage hyped courses being pedalled by the usual suspects Online.

Anyway, moving on let me tell you...

It wasn't all fun and games!

You see after I'd achieved my own success... my first student was my Mother and, even though she really wanted to make a full-time living as a Professional Blogger like me, she was, unfortunately, still a complete beginner who could only do the basics like send email... a LONG way from a full-time income!

I had a challenge on my hands!

I deeply desired for my Mother to be successful like me and so, after a lot of anxiety about how best to teach her, I finally created a complete foolproof guide to take her from beginner to professional in the shortest time possible!

It took a LOT of effort and countless hours to create the course for her BUT it sure paid off!

Because after following my Niche Blogging Course, which takes you step-by-step through the entire process of creating your own Blogging Empire, my Mom achieved astounding results as have many other very happy members who've joined the program.

  BarryAmy is meticulous, to the nth degree, and if you cannot make money with her guidance then it is time to turn your PC into a coffee table and return to your 9-5 drudge and give up your dreams of self reliance and monetary freedom. Unsubscribe from all the crappy emails from bloated overrated gurus, STOP buying any more pdf's, books or audios and sit your butt down in front of the computer and start your blogging empire with Amy's help. - Barry  

  Amy, I must tell you - I've read MANY Internet Marketing ebooks and spent lots of $$ to attend seminars, but no one - NOT ONE - has taken the time to break it down from start to finish like you have here. You've literally made online success available to anyone - at such a reasonable price! I thank you for that. I have have a fair amount of knowledge about online "stuff" but I've had a hard time deciding where to start in my own endeavors. You've fixed that and now I feel confident that I will indeed become an Internet Marketing success! - Wendy  
  CoriAmy has provided a blueprint that literally takes you by the hand over every single step for creating a profitable blog. She is prompt and ready to answer any question I throw at her, so you don't have to fear being left up to your own devices. If you are on the fence at all about joining The Niche Blogger, I really urge you to just go for it, before she decides to start charging what it is really worth! You definitely won't regret it! - Cori Padgett  

To tell you the truth in the beginning I never really thought of releasing my Niche Blogging Course to the public because I had created it with the sole aim of helping family members and friends make a full-time income online like I do.

However, my friends and family were totally blow away by the content and results they achieved!

So they urged me to get my Niche Blogging Course in front of more people to give something back and let others have a chance to experience the joy and freedom of working at home doing something you love.


The Niche Blogger Membership Site

The Niche Blogger Membership is made up of my incredibly easy-to-follow daily guides, a friendly and highly active forum, instructional videos, plus much more... 

Presented in a blog format that covers everything, I mean EVERYTHING you need to do to build your own passive income with Niche Blogs in a very short time which will allow you to work from home!

  Deb S.I've been blogging for a couple of years. The thing is, I always felt like a piece of the puzzle was missing, because I knew I could be earning more. I decided to give "The Niche Blogger" a try because Amy was offering step-by-step instructions. In less than 2 months my income is starting to increase already! It's now only how thorough Amy is in details, but that she genuinely wants you to succeed. Joining "The Niche Blogger" has been the best thing i've done this year. - Deb S.  

You have probably seen blogs before, maybe you even have one yourself.

Now is the time for you to take your love of sharing your thoughts and experiences with others and transform it into a highly profitable and lucrative career!

Niche blogging is just like regular blogging, except you focus on profitable niche topics which you are interested in and actually have a passion for.

Some of these niche topics may include: Golfing, Fishing, Sewing, Dancing, Cooking, Fine Wines, Exercise, Pottery, Football, Travel, Music or any other subject that really interests you!

You see... the great thing about Niche Blogging is there are so many diverse topics and interests ou there so it's really easy to find topics which are enjoyable to write about AND can make you a lot of extra money at the same time!

Now you can't get a better deal than that, can you?

This powerful program is not for everyone, I will only take the time to teach and help those who are willing to help themselves, so let's go over who The Niche Blogger is not for...

Who The Niche Blogger is NOT For:

  • If you hate to learn or try new techniques... You don't need this!
  • If you are expecting to get rich overnight... Please save your money!
  • If you are lazy... This isn't for you!
However, if you are one of the following you should
  • If you are struggling to make you first dollar online... YOU NEED THIS!
  • If you need an exact plan that will give you purpose and directions... GET HIS NOW!
  • If you want to make money... You will never get a better opportunity!
  Jessica C.I signed up on the niche blogger at the end of August. I made the mistake of hesitating before I signed up (WHAT was I thinking?!) I'm a complete newbie, but a quick learner. That's the great thing about the niche blogger forum, there is a vast wealth of knowledge and everyone is really helpful. You really CAN move at your own pace. Plus, the niche blogger is the only place where you have Amy to chime in and let you know if you're about to make a big mistake. - Jessica Cavender  
This course offers much more than the vast majority of those expensive courses costing thousands of dollars, but, because I want to help as many people as possible realize their dreams of working from home I'm offering it to you for the very affordable price of just $19.95 a month!

The very same niche blogging secrets that make me over $5,000 per month are all yours for a tiny sum of only $19.95!

Let's face it, most bloggers never make any money because they don't have a solid business plan.

What they do is write some posts and wait for the money to come rolling in... When it doesn't show up, they quit.

However, by following the simple, yet powerful steps outlined in this course, I GUARANTEE you will make money... AND PLENTY OF IT!
  JoeHi Amy, I just signed up to your site about 3 hours ago. I can honestly say that I've learned more about blogging in that time than I have in 6 months spinning my wheels. I am very impressed with what you offer, and the price is fantastic. I have purchased at least 10 other internet marketing products and they have never compelled me to give a testimonial. Your service is different, and I highly recommend it to anyone even remotely interested in blogging. - Joe  

Why is The Niche Blogger so affordable?

We all know times are hard right now in the economy. I wanted to make sure anyone, no matter their financial situation, would be able to afford the small monthly payments so they can use this program to get back on their feet.

Money right now is particularly tight for the stay at home mom or an unemployed average Joe who is struggling to make ends meet.

This is the time when The Niche Blogger can really make the most difference in your finanical life. Don't you want the confidence to be able to pay your bills and save more than enough money each month no matter what your employer or the economy is doing?

Don't let yourself be dependent on anyone else for your income. If you have the HUNGER and the DRIVE to do what it takes to succeed and prosper, I want to make this available to you right now.

You deserve to give yourself and your family the comfort of a stable passive income so you can concentrate on what is really important.

I DO sincerly believe that signing up to The Niche Blogger will be one of the best decisions you ever make and I recommend you sign up and get started right now!

There are no catches here - just the best proven opportunit on the Internet to make money from home doing something you love!

Sign Up Now For Just $19.95/Month!
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 If you are still hesitant I have an option that will take away all your concerns:

Try it for Just $1!

For a limited time I am able to offer you a full 30 day trial for just $1! That is the same price as a value menu item from a fast food restaurant, except this can actually change your life! Could you possibly think of a better $1 investment for yourself and your future than this? You have a full 30 days to experience the content and see how fun and profitable niche blogging truly can be! You will also be quite surprised to see how easy it is with the clear step-by-step instructions.

Members have told me that once they got started they never wanted to leave! However, if you find that The Niche Blogger is not for you, simply contact me or log into PayPal directly to cancel anytime. You never have to worry about a thing. You have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain! No contracts ever! You are never locked into anything!

The great news is that if you decide to stay past the 30 days your membership will automatically convert to a regular monthly membership at the low $19.95 a month rate.

Sign up Now for the 30 Day Trial for Just $1!

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Get Faster Results and Save Even More Money By
Signing Up as a Lifetime Member

Are you more advanced or want to move through the course as quickly as possible? Are you in a rush and want to "have it all" right from the beginning?

Do you want to dive-in and work as a blogger full-time? If so, this is your chance to save big by securing your spot as a Lifetime member.

Since The Niche Blogger provides you with over a year's worth of daily lessons covering everything from:
  • Setting up a blog
  • Making money with your blog posts
  • Dominating the search engines
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Driving traffic and gaining visitors without spending a dime
  • Building email lists
  • Creating and launching your own information products
  • Combining CPA & blogging for a knockout punch
  • Blog flipping & selling
  • Building and promoting your own niche membership sites and so much more...
Your lifetime membership will allow you to move as quickly through the lessons as you'd like without having to wait until the next month to access more new materials.

You will also never have to worry about a monthly payment or having your membership expire. You will truly be a member for life!

Become a Lifetime Member Today For a
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To Your Success,

Amy Bass

Amy Bass

P.S - If you are ready to stop jumping from one thing to the next thing and want to start focusing on becoming successful at one proven money making method then this Niche Blogging Course is Perfect for you! Sign up today and I promise it will be one of the best decisions you ever make!

P.P.S- For every 100 Members who join the Membership Price increases. However, because of some recent advice I've received from some top Internet Marketers I'm seriously considering raising my prices by as much as 50% in the very near future. Sign up today and you automatically "lock in" the Special Discount Price for the duration of your Membership!

P.P.P.S - Unlike many people who sell Internet Marketing Information I actually make money doing what I teach. I make $5,000+ Per Month by using the tactics and techniques I outline in my Course. This is a lot more than can be said about 90% or more of the 'Gurus' out there!

Earnings Disclaimer:
I do not guarantee that you will make the same amount of money that I do. There are so many variables when it comes to making money online. You may make more or less than me. My results are not typical.