DAY 19: (VIDEO) Putting Your Sales Letter Into a Template Using NVU

One of the scariest things for people who are creating their first sales letter is the thought of doing the actual HTML coding. After all, you think of yourself as a marketer, not a techno-whiz!

Unfortunately, learning some technical stuff is essential along the way as an online marketer. The good news is that it’s a lot easier than you think.

Start Out With a Template

The first step is getting a good sales template to begin with. There are many out there that are free for your use.

You can simply Google “sales letter template” or “free sales letter template” and find some good ones. Here is one I found:

The template you download will probably be contained in a zipped folder. This folder should contain an html file (index.html for example) and an images folder.

Make sure you name the folder that both of these are contained in something you can easily access on your computer. “My Sales Letter,” for example.

Download and Install NVU

The next thing you need to do is download NVU if you haven’t already.

This is a free HTML editor that is available for both Mac and PC. It is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, making it very easy to use.

You can see how every change you make will look on the web! You can find NVU for free here:

You then need to install NVU by clicking on the download you’ll find at the link above. It will give you directions on the screen to follow, which will differ depending on your operating system.

Open Your Template in NVU

After NVU is installed, it’s time to load up your template. Select “file” and then “open.” Find the folder you named (in this exampled, My Sales Letter). Select the html file that is inside (in this example, index.html). It should open for you.

Since you have both the images and html file in the same folder, NVU should recognize that and display the images for you. This makes it easy to see exactly what you’re doing so you can edit with no problems at all.

Go ahead and edit the template to include the sales letter you’ve written. You may want to look at an existing sales letter to determine formatting and colors for your letter.

Once again, NVU makes this very easy because you can select colors and insert pictures just by clicking the appropriate buttons. It makes working with HTML very easy!

Note About Images

If you add pictures along the way you will just make sure they get put in the images folder, just like the ones that came with the template. It’s important to realize that the HTML is “calling” on the graphics. If they are not installed in the right spot, they will not show up!

For example, If I upload my images folder and my html file, but one of my images is in a file named “headers” it will not show up if the image path is named images/header.jpg.

That HTML means that it is looking for a graphic named header.jpg in the images folder. If it’s trying to get to the header/header.jpg folder that doesn’t exist…it’s like having the wrong address!

HTML sounds scary, but having an easy editor like NVU makes it a lot easier. That doesn’t mean it will be a complete breeze — there is a learning curve.

Still, you should never, ever let this hold you back. If you’ve been able to install your blogs and make them look as great as they do, you can certainly do this as well!

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