DAY 22: Where To Sell Your E-book

70s_man2Figuring out where to sell your e-book is very important. Thankfully, there are many different options available.

There might even be more than one that will be good enough for what you want, but choosing the service or method that is best for you is crucial to your e-book’s success.

The most “primitive” way you can sell your e-book is by simply getting some PayPal code and sending people to a download page after they have purchased.

This way is not recommended because it is unsecured and people can pass around a download link.

A more secure way of selling your e-book on your own is getting software that will protect the download and deliver people’s purchases for them. The software often tracks your sales for you as well!

DL Guard and E-junkie are popular choices.

What the above methods are lacking is a way for your product to “promote itself” in a sense.

There are digital download companies that will allow you to enter your product into their database so that affiliates and others can easily find it. This can boost your sales with a massive way.

One of these is, which was started by Mike Filsaime. There are many different products in this marketplace, and many affiliates who go there to promote.

You will be responsible for paying your affiliates based on the tracking that PayDotCom does.

This is a good solution for many people, so you’ll want to have a look at their fees to decide if this is where you want to list your product.

However, most people choose to list their product at instead. ClickBank is definitely the most popular place that affiliate marketers go to promote products.

The reason for this is the ease-of-use and the fact that it is well known for being a legitimate company. What’s really great about ClickBank from your perspective is that you do not have to pay your affiliates on your own!

ClickBank simply tracks how much you have made and how much your affiliates have made and makes the payments without you lifting a finger.

The fact that this is more hands-off for you and that more affiliates are there to promote your product might help you make your decision as to where to sell your e-book.

You want to be able to reach as many people in your target market as possible. ClickBank can help make that possible for you.

You do need to keep in mind that even though PayDotCom and ClickBank will help you manage things, you will still need to secure your own download pages.

There many marketers who do not secure the download pages and their products end up being freely passed around and even indexed by Google!

This can cut into your products. Snatching up something like DL Guard will certainly help you protect your business.

The most important thing is that you have means to secure your download, deliver your product consistently and immediately, track your sales and affiliate sales, and quickly get your money!

Weigh the pros and cons for yourself, but if you are stuck in this decision you can’t go wrong with ClickBank.

Your Task for Today

Decide where you plan to sell your ebook. I will be showing you how to list it tomorrow.

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