DAY 24: (VIDEOS) How to List Your Product for Sale on Clickbank

After you have signed up for your account (or decided to use one you already have), you will be asked to give ClickBank the URL to your sales page where you will promote and sell your product.

Then, you will choose what your ClickBank target URL will be. This is the page that you want your affiliates to send traffic to.

Finally, you’ll enter in the “thank you” page that will deliver the product to your customers. I will be showing you this month how to protect your thank you page so only paying members will be able to access it.

Once you have entered everything you need into ClickBank, it is very important to test the payment links from your sales page to the order form. You can do this by completing a test purchase.

Proper testing will help speed the process up for yourself and for the ClickBank approval team. You can request product approval from ClickBank once everything is good to go.

You should keep in mind that there is a one time $49.95 activation charge to set your product up. This has to be paid for each new product that you enter into the system. However, you will not have to pay it until after your product is all approved and ready to go.

This might seem like a large payment at first, but you will more than make that up with a couple of sales. The leverage and exposure that ClickBank gives you is more than worth the activation charge!

You should visit for more information, and guidelines. Here are a few things you need to make sure your product complies with:

Digitally delivered product
Support e-mail address for your product
Self hosted at your own website
Complies with state and federal law
Clear disclosures
Avoidance of forbidden activity that is found on the ClickBank instructions page

There is no reason to fear signing up as a ClickBank merchant! It is very easy thing to do, and ClickBank literally walks you through the process so there is no reason to feel like you’re going to get this wrong.

After you’re approved by the team you’re officially a ClickBank merchant! This process can take a few days, but it is very worth it in the end.

I also made a video to show you the “My Site” section and how to communicate with your affiliates. You don’t need to worry about creating any tools for them yet because I will show you how to do it later on.

You may want to make a page that tells people how to create an affiliate link to your product and what commission you are offering though. Their affiliate link for your product will always be

Your Tasks for Today

1. List your product

2. Go through a test sale

3. Submit your product for approval

4. Fill out some information on your “My Site” page

Since there are a lot of tasks here and I don’t want you to get behind while you wait for your product approval, the next few days I am going to be provding you with niche guides for desperate and hungry markets.

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