Welcome to The Niche Blogger Month One – You Made It!

Are you ready to take the plunge and become a professional blogger? Well you have come to the right place! We have a lot to cover this month, but don’t worry I am here to walk you through it all step by step.

When month one is over, you will receive an email with the location of the month 2 blog, which will be full of even more great tutorials, videos and advanced techniques.

I have included titles along with the days to make it easier to scan for specific information you are looking for.

If this is your first time here make sure to do all the days in order.

Day 1: New Member Orientation

Day 2: (VIDEO) Start Brainstorming Niches

Day 3: Narrowing Down Your Niche List

Day 4: (VIDEO) The Affiliate Test

Day 5 Part 1: (VIDEO) Sign Up for a Registrar Account at Dynadot

Day 5 Part 2: Register a Domain Name

Day 6 Part 1: (VIDEO) How to Sign Up for Web Hosting at HostGator

Day 6 Part 2: How to Understand Your HostGator Welcome Email

Day 7 Part 1: (VIDEO) Change Your Nameservers

Day 7 Part 2: (VIDEO) Download Firefox – Your New Favorite Web Browser

Day 8: Easy Automated Niche Research Short Cut – If you get frustrated with niche or keyword research read about this option.

Day 9: (VIDEO) How to Install WordPress in 3 Minutes or Less

Day 10 Part 1: (VIDEO) Guide to WordPress Settings – General Tab

Day 10 Part 2: (VIDEO) Guide to WordPress Settings – Writing Tab

Day 11 Part 1: (VIDEO) Guide to WordPress Settings – Reading Tab

Day 11 Part 2: (VIDEO) Guide to WordPress Settings – Discussion Tab

Day 12 Part 1: (VIDEO) Guide to WordPress Settings – Privacy, Permalinks & Miscellaneous

Day 12 Part 2: How to Choose Your WordPress Theme

Day 13: How to Upload a New WordPress Theme

Day 14 Part 1: How to Activate Your WordPress Theme

Day 14 Part 2: WordPress Design – Widgets Guide

Day 15: (VIDEO) How to Edit Your WordPress Theme Using the Theme Editor

Day 16 Part 1: (VIDEO) Askimet Plug In – How to Get Your API Key

Day 16 Part 2: (VIDEO) WordPress Plug In – Make Sure the Search Engines Find ALL Your Posts

Day 17 Part 1: (VIDEO) SECURE Your WordPress Installation

Day 17 Part 2: All In One SEO Plugin

Day 18 Part 1: (VIDEO) How to Write and Publish Your First Blog Post

Day 18 Part 2: How to Show Post Summaries on Home Page

Day 19: Categories and Tags

Day 20: (VIDEO) How to Schedule Your Blog Posts

Day 21: How Many Blog Posts Should My Blog Have?

Day 22: Do I Need to Be an Expert on My Niche?

Day 23: Blog Posts vs Pages

Day 24: (VIDEO) How to Rewrite an Article into a Blog Post in Under 10 Minutes

Day 25: The Power of Passive Income

Day 26: Where to Get Photos for Your Blog Posts

Day 27: Pay Attention to LSI – Latent Semantic Indexing

Day 28: Keep Your Readers Coming Back for More With a Series

Day 29: How to Outrank Your Competition With Their Own Keywords

Day 30: Your Task for the Rest of Month One

Day 31: What You’ll Discover in Month 2

Make sure to head on over to The Niche Blogger forum to get more tips and advice. Plus some pretty darn great people that you can converse with to boot!

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